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Mitsubishi VIP Purchase Program in Oak Ridge, TN

Ole Ben Franklin Mitsubishi is proud to offer the VIP purchase program with exclusive benefits to employees of participating businesses. The VIP purchase program allows us to take our customer service to the next level.

If your company is on one of the lists of participating Mitsubishi group companies or vendors, you may be eligible for employee pricing under the VIP purchase program!

VIP Purchase Program at Ole Ben Franklin Mitsubishi

The VIP purchase program was developed for valued employees and businesses that help the Mitsubishi name shine. Mitsubishi has four categories for the VIP purchase program; employees, affiliate and vendor companies, and dealership employees.

If you work directly for Mitsubishi, you may already know this. But, employees that work for an affiliate or vendor group may be surprised to hear about this great opportunity.

VIP Purchase Program Eligibility

Are you a local driver in Oak Ridge, TN, looking to buy a vehicle? See if you’re eligible for employee pricing under the Mitsubishi VIP purchase program!

We have two lists of participating Mitsubishi group companies and vendors on our site. These are the latest lists of companies and vendors. Not only does this list have companies who are eligible, but also what types of vehicles are eligible in the VIP purchase program and what incentives are offered for each type of vehicle.

If you find your company on the list, you could be eligible for a discount on a new Mitsubishi, so be sure to look carefully!

Perks of the VIP Purchase Program

We’re excited to offer you some amazing perks. These perks you will only get from your experience with Ole Ben Franklin Mitsubishi.

Sales: You will find great savings on eligible and new Mitsubishi vehicles. With special VIP pricing, you can save an impressive amount on your new Mitsubishi, all because you’re a VIP.

Service and Parts: If you need a part for your vehicle, you can rest assured knowing that our Parts and Service Center in Oak Ridge, TN, will have everything your vehicle needs. Our expert technicians are familiar with Mitsubishi models inside and out!

Finance: While our easy credit approval and incredible financing options are open to everyone, we want our VIPs to know it’s still part of the experience. Even with your great VIP purchase program discount, our finance team will work hard to help you stay within budget.

How to Become a VIP Purchase Program Member

If your employer is on the list of group companies or vendors, you may almost be done becoming a VIP purchase program member! The VIP program is available to current, full time and retired employees of the listed companies. If you’re part of these requirements, you can follow the login page to create a username and password to explore your next vehicle options.

Contact Our Dealership for More Information

Do you have questions? Fill out our online form to learn more about our VIP purchase program. While you wait for a response, you can explore our inventory or apply for financing to get the process started.

We look forward to welcoming you to our VIP program!


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